Sunday, May 15, 2011

Work From Home

- It's great for stay-at-home moms.

- Teenagers who aren't old enough for a real job can earn money here.


A Few Perks

CashCrate has a proven payment history going back more than 4 years. 

-we have 2 million+ members

-CashCrate is free to join

-We have lots of free offers that don't require a purchase of any kind

-We have games

-People can do this when ever they want. It's totally flexible unlike a job


Cash Videos

This is the easiest way to make money online you watch a commercial and then type in 2 numbers to verify you watched it then you get the amount for the video.

CashCrate is very self-explanatory and easy

CashCrate is legit. Everyone knows that change can add up that is what this site is for. You do offers and watch videos for mainly $2.00 U.S down to 2 cents for some videos. You can do as many offers as you like that is a plus. You can put as much or as little time in it as you want. The minimum payout is $20.00 U.S this is extremely low most sites range from $30 to $60. That means you can get your first check really fast.  Even if you just do some videos and check- in you still make money.

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